YN199 Kokoro

A beautiful tribute to the owners wife, the Japanese name KOKORO translates to ‘heart’, uniting the heart, spirit, soul and mind. When asked about what lead him to Moonen Yachts, the new owner said “I have always wanted a Moonen, but it was unclear when. It’s in fact a smaller size yacht, but can easily compare with the largest superyachts in the world quality and style wise. I absolutely adore the winter garden and love the spacious lay-out of the sundeck. This yacht gives me and my family so much room for relaxing and enjoying the water. KOKORO is all I’ve wished for”. The second Martinique to be built on this award winning platform, her design focuses on creating the perfect balance between indoor and outdoor living. In addition, KOKORO’s sophisticated hull design makes her a true world traveller. She’s a high performing luxury yacht, offering exceptional comfort, safety and performance, all at the same time..


Kokoro, YN199
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